Recover Outlook Messages; iPads To Buy

Welcome back to another Insource IT Newsletter where we share tips and recommendations for using your technology. If you have anything useful you’d like to share with us please let us know!

Learn Something New 

In many cases you can recover deleted messages in Outlook on the web? While you may not use it often it really helps knowing it’s there.

Something To Be Aware Of

Now that we’ve entered the holiday season be careful of scam emails and texts. Especially shipping confirmation texts with links in them. Never open them.

– Avoid deals too good to be true. They often are.

– Always review the URL in an email and confirm it will direct you to where you expect.

– Check for errors.

– Avoid attachments (mainly from unknown senders).

Something Helpful

I often get asked “Which iPad should I buy?” For most, the current iPad at $329 is the best deal (unless you have a specific need). Check for deals at all the major retailers this holiday season. 

Something Fun

Be careful with toner! 

As always, if you think this information is helpful please spread the word by forwarding this message to others.

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