Cyber Security Reminders

Welcome back to another Insource IT Newsletter!

It’s been busy the last few months in terms of cybersecurity. With foreign actors hacking into various US technology systems it’s been reported they’ve gained a foothold in a number of major US companies. At Insource IT we’ve been watching closely and taking efforts to keep our customers ahead of this risk. While we’re incredibly happy with the track record of our protection systems, we’re even more thrilled by you. We know the best defense lies with you. You use technology every day to do your jobs and question things that don’t look right. We want to help you stay ahead of threats in the world:

  • Don’t click suspicious links. If you don’t know if a link is suspicious, ask.
  • Don’t install any software on your PC or phone unless it comes from the operating system’s built-in software store.
  • Don’t install browser add-ons unless they are sanctioned by your company.
  • Don’t visit websites that seem dodgy. What is a dodgy website? Products advertised on social media, sites that advertise products or services that sound too good to be true, sites that want to install applications on your computer, or any domain found on a list like the Fake Sites Database.
  • If you absolutely must visit a dodgy site (say you’re doing research for your marketing department and want to know why a product is listed as must have), do it on a tablet that can easily be reset to factory default and doesn’t contain company data.
  • Update your passwords with really strong ones that you can’t memorize. I know that’s a pain, but there’s a solution: Ask your IT staff about how to use a password manager.
  • Don’t open email attachments that haven’t been checked by your antivirus.
  • Don’t open text messages from unknown senders.

This list might seem daunting so just remember, “When in doubt, don’t do it.”

As always, if you think this information is helpful please spread the word by forwarding this message to others.

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