Should I buy a new computer?

This is a question I get asked often. So when should you upgrade your computers?

Well, it depends. We believe that with the latest computer hardware it has been possible to get more life out of your computers than previously possible. 64 bit operating systems and solid-state hard drives have improved the usability of older hardware. However, an aging computer still slows down your workforce. When it comes to efficiency, you don’t want a computer making your employee 5% less efficient or worse.

Think about it like this. An employee making $50k a year has a loaded cost of let’s say $65k/yr. The cost for your employee is roughly $250 A DAY. A new computer costs roughly $1500. The cost for your computer is roughly $2 A DAY (on a 3-year replacement interval). You can see why even a 5% loss of efficiency for your employee could cost you $3250 PER YEAR. Is saving money not replacing old computers really worth it?

All other things being equal you have to make the right choice for your business. Our recommendation is to replace computers every 3 years. When thinking about replacing computers you should have a hard look at your efficiencies along with other business considerations.

When you’re ready to replace infrastructure reach out to us and we’ll help you make the best decision for your business.

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