How Facebook Died

Facebook died. Sort of.

If you use Facebook you probably noticed it disappeared. Dead. Gone. If you’re not wondering “why should I care?”, here’s why you should:

Processes. Redundancy. Backups.

Facebook is so big now that when they look for solutions they often select from within their own technologies. So when someone accidentally misconfigured a core networking component they also told the entire internet “uh, sorry, we’re not here anymore.” It was as if Facebook had died. For all practical purposes, they had. Nothing was usable. No family updates, no recipes, no more click bait ads. No FB Messenger and no Whatsapp.

It gets worse.

Once Facebook knew what the problem was, they couldn’t fix it without driving to their datacenter. At the datacenter they couldn’t get in because their smart key system was offline. Now stranded, they couldn’t contact security because Facebook Messenger was down.

At Insource we live for processes, redundancy, and backup. Knowing there are alternatives when stuff happens (and you know stuff is going to happen) is critical to staying alive. That is how we treat your technology. We implement responsible alternatives so that you can do your job, run your business, and yes even check Facebook!

If you fashion yourself a bit of a nerd, check out Cloudflare’s writeup on what happened with Facebook yesterday.

Facebook eventually did get into the building and fix the issue many, many hours later. Just not before Facebook took a $6bn loss.

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