Your Backup Plan

When it comes to keeping your business alive, having a working backup of your data is critical. Without it, your business is at serious risk. A simple thing like a malicious link in a scam email can all bring your business to a halt. Yet backup is an afterthought to many people. Failed backups can go unnoticed and unfixed. I can relate; I have an appliance in my basement I still haven’t fixed. Simply put, we sometimes have responsibilities that aren’t at the top of our list.

Fortunately for you, backups are at the top of my list. Every one of our clients has a modern backup plan in place. We test and report the status of their backups constantly. Our clients know their business is safe; and should there be a disaster we will restore it.

A modern backup plan ensures you can survive a catastrophic event because it:

  • Backs up multiple times a day.
  • Takes snapshots of infrastructure for disaster recovery.
  • Saves data onsite and offsite.
  • Has humans to validate that it is working.
  • Reports status to decision makers.

Are you completely comfortable with your backup plan? 

Schedule a free assessment with one of our experts so that you can rest easy.

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