Should you upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 will be available soon. Should you upgrade? Over the past months Insource IT has kept track of the pros and cons of Windows 11 and our verdict is ‘wait’. Too much is still being tested. With Microsoft’s poor track record this year we advise against jumping too quickly into Microsoft’s next release. InContinue reading “Should you upgrade to Windows 11?”

Should I buy a new computer?

This is a question I get asked often. So when should you upgrade your computers? Well, it depends. We believe that with the latest computer hardware it has been possible to get more life out of your computers than previously possible. 64 bit operating systems and solid-state hard drives have improved the usability of olderContinue reading “Should I buy a new computer?”

Update Now: Major Apple Device Zero-Day Vulnerability FORCEDENTRY

On Monday Apple released fixes for security defects in iOS and macOS which are being actively exploited in the wild. While Apple did not provide details there is enough information on the web to learn just how bad these vulnerabilities are. Effectively, a hacker can gain access to your phone, tablet, or computer and installContinue reading “Update Now: Major Apple Device Zero-Day Vulnerability FORCEDENTRY”

2021 Ransomeware And Additional Steps

The threat of ransomware hitting your business is greater than ever. In 2021 the frequency of ransomware events have grown many times over. Earlier this year Insource IT reviewed our security stance and has increased our threat detection within our customer’s environments. Our additional security measures add protection and aim to prevent an event ratherContinue reading “2021 Ransomeware And Additional Steps”