Your Backup Plan

When it comes to keeping your business alive, having a working backup of your data is critical. Without it, your business is at serious risk. A simple thing like a malicious link in a scam email can all bring your business to a halt. Yet backup is an afterthought to many people. Failed backups can go unnoticed and unfixed. I can relate; I have an appliance in my basement I still haven’t fixed. Simply put, we sometimes have responsibilities that aren’t at the top of our list.

Fortunately for you, backups are at the top of my list. Every one of our clients has a modern backup plan in place. We test and report the status of their backups constantly. Our clients know their business is safe; and should there be a disaster we will restore it.

A modern backup plan ensures you can survive a catastrophic event because it:

  • Backs up multiple times a day.
  • Takes snapshots of infrastructure for disaster recovery.
  • Saves data onsite and offsite.
  • Has humans to validate that it is working.
  • Reports status to decision makers.

Are you completely comfortable with your backup plan? 

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How To Reduce the Cost of Ransomware

Ransomware is hurting your bottom line whether your business gets hit or not. The average ransomware recovery costs nearly $2 million. Businesses are experiencing cybersecurity insurance premiums going up each year.

Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate risk and reduce cost.

When your business gets hit by ransomware you don’t want to be scrambling, yet most do. Employees will be unable to work. Customers will be unable conduct business with you. Your files are going to look like a scrambled mess. The truth is that most don’t know what to do if this event happens.

To understand how to combat the problem you have to start with the most important thing. People. You should focus on preparing your people. You and your staff need to be on the same page so that during a security event you can react with precision and grace. 

  1. Be Prepared with a Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan
  2. Better Discipline from Regular Staff Training
  3. Learn through Simulated Email Attacks

The next 3 items are the technology. They are the brains behind ensuring you stand a chance against getting attacked. Having smart humans is crucial but smart tech steps in when humans falter. Together they’ll help you stand the best chance of growing your business.

  1. Detect with File System Monitoring
  2. Escalate to Detection and Response Partner
  3. Control Access with Structured Permissions

Your business has a lot to lose. Make sure you have a modern approach to each of these items and rest easier at night.

If you’d like more insight to learn how you can leverage this for your business, feel free to schedule a consultation with us. 

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How Facebook Died

Facebook died. Sort of.

If you use Facebook you probably noticed it disappeared. Dead. Gone. If you’re not wondering “why should I care?”, here’s why you should:

Processes. Redundancy. Backups.

Facebook is so big now that when they look for solutions they often select from within their own technologies. So when someone accidentally misconfigured a core networking component they also told the entire internet “uh, sorry, we’re not here anymore.” It was as if Facebook had died. For all practical purposes, they had. Nothing was usable. No family updates, no recipes, no more click bait ads. No FB Messenger and no Whatsapp.

It gets worse.

Once Facebook knew what the problem was, they couldn’t fix it without driving to their datacenter. At the datacenter they couldn’t get in because their smart key system was offline. Now stranded, they couldn’t contact security because Facebook Messenger was down.

At Insource we live for processes, redundancy, and backup. Knowing there are alternatives when stuff happens (and you know stuff is going to happen) is critical to staying alive. That is how we treat your technology. We implement responsible alternatives so that you can do your job, run your business, and yes even check Facebook!

If you fashion yourself a bit of a nerd, check out Cloudflare’s writeup on what happened with Facebook yesterday.

Facebook eventually did get into the building and fix the issue many, many hours later. Just not before Facebook took a $6bn loss.

Should you upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 will be available soon. Should you upgrade? Over the past months Insource IT has kept track of the pros and cons of Windows 11 and our verdict is ‘wait’. Too much is still being tested. With Microsoft’s poor track record this year we advise against jumping too quickly into Microsoft’s next release. In addition, Microsoft’s minimum performance requirements mean you’ll need to replace a significant number of your computers to make this jump.