Should I buy a new computer?

This is a question I get asked often. So when should you upgrade your computers?

Well, it depends. We believe that with the latest computer hardware it has been possible to get more life out of your computers than previously possible. 64 bit operating systems and solid-state hard drives have improved the usability of older hardware. However, an aging computer still slows down your workforce. When it comes to efficiency, you don’t want a computer making your employee 5% less efficient or worse.

Think about it like this. An employee making $50k a year has a loaded cost of let’s say $65k/yr. The cost for your employee is roughly $250 A DAY. A new computer costs roughly $1500. The cost for your computer is roughly $2 A DAY (on a 3-year replacement interval). You can see why even a 5% loss of efficiency for your employee could cost you $3250 PER YEAR. Is saving money not replacing old computers really worth it?

All other things being equal you have to make the right choice for your business. Our recommendation is to replace computers every 3 years. When thinking about replacing computers you should have a hard look at your efficiencies along with other business considerations.

When you’re ready to replace infrastructure reach out to us and we’ll help you make the best decision for your business.

Update Now: Major Apple Device Zero-Day Vulnerability FORCEDENTRY

On Monday Apple released fixes for security defects in iOS and macOS which are being actively exploited in the wild. While Apple did not provide details there is enough information on the web to learn just how bad these vulnerabilities are.

Effectively, a hacker can gain access to your phone, tablet, or computer and install spyware which controls your camera, microphone, and accesses your data. All they have to do is send a cleverly crafted message. You don’t even have to click it.

It is believed the original purpose was to target political activists in Bahrain. However, with the power of this exploit you should take care to patch your devices right away. Below are the versions you should install now.

macOS Big Sur 11.6
iOS 14.8
iPadOS 14.8

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2021 Ransomeware And Additional Steps

The threat of ransomware hitting your business is greater than ever. In 2021 the frequency of ransomware events have grown many times over. Earlier this year Insource IT reviewed our security stance and has increased our threat detection within our customer’s environments. Our additional security measures add protection and aim to prevent an event rather than react to it.

If you know of any other businesses that are behind on cybersecurity preparedness, please refer them to us!

Cyber Security Reminders

Welcome back to another Insource IT Newsletter!

It’s been busy the last few months in terms of cybersecurity. With foreign actors hacking into various US technology systems it’s been reported they’ve gained a foothold in a number of major US companies. At Insource IT we’ve been watching closely and taking efforts to keep our customers ahead of this risk. While we’re incredibly happy with the track record of our protection systems, we’re even more thrilled by you. We know the best defense lies with you. You use technology every day to do your jobs and question things that don’t look right. We want to help you stay ahead of threats in the world:

  • Don’t click suspicious links. If you don’t know if a link is suspicious, ask.
  • Don’t install any software on your PC or phone unless it comes from the operating system’s built-in software store.
  • Don’t install browser add-ons unless they are sanctioned by your company.
  • Don’t visit websites that seem dodgy. What is a dodgy website? Products advertised on social media, sites that advertise products or services that sound too good to be true, sites that want to install applications on your computer, or any domain found on a list like the Fake Sites Database.
  • If you absolutely must visit a dodgy site (say you’re doing research for your marketing department and want to know why a product is listed as must have), do it on a tablet that can easily be reset to factory default and doesn’t contain company data.
  • Update your passwords with really strong ones that you can’t memorize. I know that’s a pain, but there’s a solution: Ask your IT staff about how to use a password manager.
  • Don’t open email attachments that haven’t been checked by your antivirus.
  • Don’t open text messages from unknown senders.

This list might seem daunting so just remember, “When in doubt, don’t do it.”

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Keyboard Shortcuts; Scams

Welcome back to another Insource IT Newsletter where we share tips and recommendations for using your technology. If you have anything useful you’d like to share with us please let us know!

Something To Learn 

You already know this but you can learn virtually anything through Youtube videos. So if your grandpa didn’t teach you, you can still learn how to chop wood. Use these Youtube keyboard shortcuts to make life easier:

Pause: spacebar or K

Forward 10 sec: L

Backward 10 sec: J
Mute: M

Something To Be Aware Of

Be aware of Amazon gift card scams targeting people through email. If you get an email mentioning a gift card you should consider it a scam until you can verify it offline. Don’t click links or follow instructions within the email. The malicious actors hope you’ll click a link and install their malware on your computer and network.

Something Helpful

Reminder: If you don’t yet use a password manager, set yourself a resolution this year to do so. Get all your passwords saved in a password manager like Lastpass, 1Password, or Keepass. Use a very secure master password and save it in a secure place so you do not forget it. Create a disaster recovery plan that allows important people access in the event you cannot. 

Something Fun

What do you know? It’s another Youtube video teaching you how to juggle.

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