The Best Security is an Educated Employee

Cyber Security Awareness Month is coming to an end, but your vigilance does not have to. 

Systems are great, but the best security is an educated employee. That’s why we want to share what could be the most important email you read all year.

$3.5B was lost to Cybercrime in 2019. It’s not slowing down, either. Cybercrime is up 600% this year

91% of attacks start with a phishing email. Hackers learned it’s easier to “hack” humans. They’re getting good at it, too.

99% of email attacks rely on the victim clicking a link. A link that typically points to a hackers website but looks exactly like your email account. When you enter your username and password… boom. They know your credentials.

Don’t worry. Be vigilant. 

Insource IT has your back. We put enterprise grade systems in place. Your job is to question everything. 

How can you protect yourself?

By reading this email you’re already more educated than most. 

Assume every email might be malicious. 

Use a good password.

Here’s a bad password = Password123

Here’s a good password = tlR*2$5JRg4E

Set up Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is where you type in a code during login. The code is often sent to you via text message. With multi-factor authentication, even if a hacker guesses your username and password they won’t they won’t be able to log in without knowing your randomized code. 

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid. Insource IT is here to help.

As always, if you think this information is helpful feel free to forward it to someone you know.

MS Word Tips; Backups

Here’s another update with useful information you can use at home or work.

Learn Something New 

Check out these handy tips for using Microsoft Word more efficiently. I use #1 all the time.

Be Aware

There is a big surge in ‘Emotet’ malware campaigns throughout the world right now. It’s spreading via email phishing. Be extra vigilant and don’t open emails that look suspicious. Links are especially concerning, as are unusual requests for you to log into other services.

Something Helpful

Backup, backup, backup. Insource IT has fully developed backup solutions in place for our customers but what do you do to backup your home computer? Thankfully it doesn’t have to be complicated. Use our preferred home backup solution and rest easy.

Something Fun

“It’s inappropriate to make a ‘dad joke’ if you’re not a dad. It’s a faux pa.”

As always, if you think this information is helpful feel free to forward it to someone you know.

Outlook Efficiency; Covid Scams

Here’s another update with useful information you can use at home or work.

Learn something new: Do you struggle sometimes to get things done efficiently? Try these Microsoft Outlook tips to better organize yourself and get more done.

Be aware of: With Covid-19 comes a slew of targeted attacks against you and those you know. Outsmart them by knowing what to look out for.

Something helpful: Do you have antivirus software on your personal device? Get Sophos Home and enjoy enterprise level protection for free.

Something Fun: “What’s an astronaut’s favorite part of the computer? The space bar.”

As always, if you think this information is helpful feel free to forward it to someone you know.

How To Get The Most Out Of Insource IT Services

As you already know, Insource IT provides solid technology solutions to keep your business running day to day. Backup, Security, Business Apps, and Monitoring are essential to smooth running.

But when it comes to really truly taking your business to the next level, there’s so much more you can benefit from. Here’s how to get the most out of your services with Insource IT: 

Ask Questions – Use The Helpdesk

Ask questions. Don’t let frustrations with technology hold you back. We’re here to help. Our goal is to free you from technical difficulties.

Cover All Computers

It’s important to have every computer in your organization covered by our services. Our security software and tools monitor what you’ve included. If just one slips through the cracks you should consider your business compromised. 

Take Advantage of Annual or Quarterly Technology Reviews

When we reach to schedule technology review meetings our goal is to go over your business strategies to find out if technology is working for you the best way possible. It’s a great opportunity for you to share your ideas, ask questions, and even bring us on board with technologically challenging projects. 

It’s also a chance for Insource IT to identify places where you can leverage technology to help your business achieve its goals and dreams. Win win!

Tell Insource IT About Spam or Scams

If you get an email that looks like a scam, tell Insource IT right away. We have years of experience seeing all sorts of malicious emails and we can help you quickly avoid a costly mistake.