Kansas City Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

93% of organizations without a backup plan will go out of business within a year of major data loss.

What does your plan look like?

Insource can help you create and implement a plan that keeps you protected and in business.

If only backup was simple…

With today’s business data stored in more places than ever before, knowing where to focus your efforts is challenging. Bad software and poor implementation give people a false sense of security. Too often they only realize after it’s too late. Too many businesses are left under-protected and vulnerable to disaster.

We show you what to protect without overspending. Our experts use industry-leading technology to ensure you have the best solution available today. We provide reports and proof that your business is protected.

Backups are cheap compared to regrets.

“Thanks to Insource IT, we had our business back online the same day. Without their competent backup plan I don’t think I’d be in business today.”

— Greg

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