Continual Improvement; Government Breaches

Welcome back to another Insource IT Newsletter where we share tips and recommendations for using your technology. If you have anything useful you’d like to share with us please let us know!

Something To Learn 

We believe in continual improvement, not just in our work lives but at home, too. Here are a few of the resources we use to learn new things.

Masterclass – While pricey, the quality of the classes here are nothing short of amazing.

Instructables – This is our favorite, and it’s free! Once you start looking at all the projects you start to realize you just might be able to find anything here.

Something To Be Aware Of

Did you hear about the cybersecurity breach of multiple government agencies? It goes to show that a cybersecurity breach should be treated as inevitable for a very important reason: 

Be Prepared. 

When we act as though we will get hacked and prepare appropriately for it, we reduce the severity of an event should it happen. That’s why Insource IT has systems in place to mitigate risk as well as processes to handle when a breach occurs. 

Something Helpful

WindowsKey + Shift + S

This keyboard shortcut allows you to take a screenshot of your screen for saving. Controls at the top of the screen allow you to pick the type of snip you want.

Something Fun

I like cookies. I also have kids. So when the holidays come around we preheat the oven and get to work making cookies to spend family time together. This year, why not try a classic gingerbread man cookie? 

As always, if you think this information is helpful please spread the word by forwarding this message to others.

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