Keyboard Shortcuts; Scams

Welcome back to another Insource IT Newsletter where we share tips and recommendations for using your technology. If you have anything useful you’d like to share with us please let us know!

Something To Learn 

You already know this but you can learn virtually anything through Youtube videos. So if your grandpa didn’t teach you, you can still learn how to chop wood. Use these Youtube keyboard shortcuts to make life easier:

Pause: spacebar or K

Forward 10 sec: L

Backward 10 sec: J
Mute: M

Something To Be Aware Of

Be aware of Amazon gift card scams targeting people through email. If you get an email mentioning a gift card you should consider it a scam until you can verify it offline. Don’t click links or follow instructions within the email. The malicious actors hope you’ll click a link and install their malware on your computer and network.

Something Helpful

Reminder: If you don’t yet use a password manager, set yourself a resolution this year to do so. Get all your passwords saved in a password manager like Lastpass, 1Password, or Keepass. Use a very secure master password and save it in a secure place so you do not forget it. Create a disaster recovery plan that allows important people access in the event you cannot. 

Something Fun

What do you know? It’s another Youtube video teaching you how to juggle.

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